Pablo Suave (born 1986 near Stuttgart/Germany) is a real music magician.

His Sound is a mix between pumping TechHouse Grooves, melodic Minimal Tunes and awsome Techno Beats. He plays now for over 10 years in Clubs in Germany, Switzerland and Spain. To name a few: La Rouge/Switzerland, U60311/Frankfurt, Airport/Würzburg, Level 6/Darmstadt, Play/Stuttgart, RomyS/Stuttgart, Toy/Stuttgart, Finca/Stuttgart, Lennox/Göppingen, Musicparade/Heilbronn, Bukowski/Heilbronn etc…. Also he played together with some awsome DJs like Lexy & K.Paul, Felix Kröcher, Martin Eyerer, Hoxton Whores, Kosheen DJs, Robot needs Oil Lucy, Daniela Stickroth, Malente, Djuma Soundsystem, Chris Montana, David Phillips and many many more… He is not only a DJ, he host also his own Events (miniCLUB, DU&ICH and Electro Kizz) and acts as a producer. His only wish is to make his hole life people happy with his music! Stay tuned and watch out for this young and powerfull artist!